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Featured Real Estate Agents

With over 17 years of extensive sales, customer service, leadership and project management skills, Tasha Trice has proven to be more than just your average real estate agent. Working for a Blue-Chip Corporation like Verizon afforded her the opportunity to fine tune her listening skills and perfect her attention to quality service, which today makes customers feel comfortable and confident in her capable hands.

Tasha’s hard work and dedication have been recognized with numerous awards for her outstanding sales and service. She is fully committed to providing the highest standards of excellent to every customer, with that special personal touch.

As a native New Yorker, Tasha understands the importance of being flexible and accessible to meet the diverse needs of her busy Manhattan clientele. She goes above and beyond to assist you with listing and selling residential or commercial properties, real estate evaluations, financing and more. No job is too big for Tasha to handle, and no matter what your unique demands, she will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Always anxious to learn, Tasha is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. She is also studying the Spanish and Japanese languages.
“I like working with people. That’s why I chose real estate as my profession,” says Coldwell Banker Bellmarc agent Kateryna Rudnichenko. It’s just that kind of sentiment that draws clients to her. Kateryna takes her job to heart giving attention to each and every deal. She takes pride in providing the very best customer service making sure that her clients are informed and at ease every step of the way.

Kateryna knows New York’s neighborhoods inside out. As a neighborhood expert she is well-versed when it comes to the specific details of the neighborhood. Upon first meeting Kateryna likes to walk the client carefully through the process. She also makes it her business to share a network of attorneys, mortgage lenders and contractors to help pave the way for a successful transaction.

Originally from Russia, Kateryna has been a resident of the Big Apple for seven years now. Travel is her passion but when she’s here she calls Brooklyn home. She possesses two Bachelor’s Degrees, in Business Administration and Political Science.
With a background as a financial advisor, health advisor, sales representative, office manager and cosmetic advisor Jenny Nokeo has been around the block professionally. Today she utilizes her wealth of customer service expertise in the world of real estate. She is committed to working day and night until a lease is signed. Patient, trustworthy, sympathetic and hard working leave it to Jenny to close the deal on the perfect home every time.

Jenny made the switch to real estate because it is always exciting and continually challenging. She’s a stickler for details and makes it her business to fulfill each and every requirement a client has. A team player to the core she is driven to be a people person and her clients consistently appreciate her efforts. If you’re interested in the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown West or Midtown East, count on Jenny to discover the home of your dreams.

Originally from Houston, Jenny has resided in the Big Apple very nearly a decade. She holds a Degree from (Brooklyn College) in Business Management/Finance and a Minor in Accounting.
With a background in the military Shahid Amin really knows how to get things done. Add that fact to his current enrollment in the NYPD auxiliary division and you can rest assured he’s a bona fide professional. Having mastered the technique of self discipline Shahid offers clients the relentless pursuit of perfect apartment rentals. He never dances around an issue. As a matter of fact, you can count on him for a straight answer and an honest approach to apartment hunting.

But there’s more to Shahid as a rental agent than his military and police ethos. During the course of his real estate career he has consistently been complimented on his strong work ethic, high moral standards and ambition that leaves no stone unturned in the search for a home. And as a relatively recent immigrant to New York, he professes a wholehearted appreciation for its diversity and convenience.

Shahid is originally from Bangladesh and has lived in New York for the past decade. During that period he has spent time in various neighborhoods in Brooklyn. He is currently a student at DeVry College studying Business Administration.
With a professional background in higher education administration and leadership Shin X. Jiang knows just what it takes to be a smart agent. At Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence she is on top of the real estate game boasting an expertise with people from various cultural and ethnic groups.

Shin’s approach to real estate is simple and fair. She puts herself directly in her buyer’s shoes and walks through every step with the client. Providing constant support is her strong suit and she prides himself on being ethical to the core.

Shin was born and raised in China. Nowadays she resides on Roosevelt Island. She holds a doctoral degree in higher education from the University of Southern California and is bilingual in English and Mandarin.
Antony Bitar strikes just the right chord with his customers. With a previous career as a singer/songwriter, this AC Lawrence rental agent says nowadaysthe world of real estate is music to his ears. Always in search of the perfect place to call home, he strives to hit a high note with satisfied customers up and down the island of Manhattan. Whether you’re in the market for uptown and upscale, or downtown and trendy, Antony’s your man.

Antony’s extensive expertise with the people and places of New York makes him a rental agent who’s really in the know. He feels his strongest personal trait is his ability to connect with customers on a meaningful level right from the very start. Antony likes to combine an honest, straightforward, no-nonsense approach while making for a decidedly enjoyable search. Simply put, fun is always on the menu for Antony’s customers!

Antony hails from Little Falls, NJ. Today, he soaks up the Manhattan ambience by spending days on end on the Lower East Side, East Village, Chelsea and Meatpacking districts. He studiedMusic at Montclair State University where he earned a Bachelors of Music Degree (Magna Cum Laude). He also studied extensively at the New York Real Estate Institute. When it comes to a well-rounded personal life count on Antony to share his love of food and restaurants – he’s a self-proclaimed foodie! – Concerts, operas, Broadway shows and art exhibits.
With an extensive history in customer service Viktoriya Uzinsky is the first to admit she really likes working with people. It’s this fondness for humanity that makes her a standout in the field of real estate. She is hard working, easy going and extremely friendly but it’s helping others that really puts a smile on her face. For Viktoriya it’s all about building trust and remembering that honesty is truly her best policy.

She holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics and in Teaching Foreign Languages from her native Russia. She is fluent in Russian and English and is currently adding Spanish to her skills. Viktoriya has lived in Brooklyn and Queens but aspires to make Manhattan her home base anytime now.
As a former aspiring actress Turkish-born Sevil Nixon knows what it takes to make your dreams come true. Today she turns those fantasies into realty for apartment hunters from one end of Manhattan to the other. She is well-versed in what’s available on the market, provides excellent customer service and an eternally upbeat, friendly demeanor.

Sevil simply doesn’t settle. Quite to the contrary she always strives to be the best at whatever she does. Real estate is no exception. Loyal, caring and diligent, Sevil puts her client’s needs first each and every time. Add to that a bonafide pride in her work and you have an individual who knows what it takes to be a great agent.

Nowadays Sevil resides in Astoria, Queens. She possesses an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science from Manhattan Community College and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree at Hunter College
Deborah Abraham is a rare resource: she is a native New Yorker who uses her diverse background to help people from around the world find new homes, investment properties or commercial locations for their businesses.

Deborah’s attention to detail and professional skills were honed in her early career at New York University producing events (for as many as 14,000 attendees), developing and managing programs including the Clive Davis Program for Recorded Music at Tisch School of the Arts, and working on numerous fundraising initiatives. During those 15 years at NYU, Deborah also devoted time to community outreach, earned her BA in International Studies and pursued her Masters for Public Administration.

While looking for a new home, Deborah discovered a new passion that ignited a new career: Real Estate! Deborah’s diplomacy, ability to listen to others and her ability to bring about the meeting of minds all comes from her years as a producer and fundraiser. Having 8 years now in Real Estate, Deborah is a seasoned Rentals, Sales and Commercial professional. “My goal is to develop long-term relationships with clients so that I may service all of their real estate needs, throughout their lives.”

Away from the office, Deborah enjoys cooking for family and friends, volunteering, traveling to exotic beach locations, dancing to current and old-school beats and exploring the City. "When out with clients, I often find myself pointing out landmarks as well as the best places to hear live music and dine. Not to mention, the best places to shop!"

Deborah, an agent with a "Yes, I can!" attitude, welcomes the opportunity to provide consistent, exceptional, personalized and confidential service to every Rental, Sales or Commercial customer.
I have been dealing with the public for several decades in diverse capacities in the contracting, and service industries. I have accumulated great business experience, understands what it's like to work hard, and knows when to take risks to achieve the best result.. I am always available for My clients, and constantly scouring the market for new opportunities. A true NYC real estate sales and rental professional, I bring personal experience to the table having built and renovated homes, purchased and sold commercial and residential land and properties. Though My expertise and knowledge comes success for my clients seeking optimal service and value. My personality, professionalism and honest approach also set me apart as a class-act real estate partner.
A native New Yorker through and through, Eric Holland also boasts more than his share of international travel. With visits to 30 countries he has seen the world over. Today back at home he does his traveling from one end of Manhattan to the other in search of the perfect apartment for a litany of satisfied clients. He chose real estate as his profession as it offers an ever-changing work day with new challenges and creative solutions.

Professionalism and excellent customer service are the earmarks of Eric’s real estate style. He pays close attention to what’s in the market and gives his undivided attention to his rental clients. His superior listening skills enable customers to hone in on just what they want in the way of an apartment. Furthermore, because he is trustworthy and a great communicator the agent/client relationship is always productive and enjoyable.

When it comes to favorite hobbies and interests count on Eric to profess a passion for meeting new and interesting people. He attended Howard University in Washington, DC where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA) in Marketing. He currently resides in the city of Yonkers and regularly partakes of “the city that never sleeps.”
It’s all in the family for Holly Slayton. An East Village (EV) resident for over 20 years, Holly is a quintessential downtown New York entrepreneur. Holly is a NYC mom and a member of a local EV garden. Also a Milliner, Holly designs custom hats and luxury Bridal head wear for over 11 years. Holly is a member of Etsy NY. She mentors new members and organizes team night outs. Holly also teaches head wear design and sewing in her showroom.

It was a natural for Holly to make her move to Real Estate, with both parents firmly established in RE in Virginia, where she was raised. Her design aesthetic and her love of Real Estate are equal. Although she has worked in all vicinities in Manhattan, she specializes in Gramercy, Flatiron, Union Square and her very own East Village. A good listener, she also loves to prepare the next person with the information they need to know to affect a smooth rental or sale transaction.

Naturally, success in one area carries over. You can count on her to never let success go to her head, having had her designs featured in over 100+ magazines, runway collections and classified with Elite Couture designers. Holly studied Millinery and Fashion at the FIT. In her spare time Holly goes to yoga and visits NY’s many museums with her daughter. She also takes the time to commune with nature by growing her own herbs and vegetables in an East Village community garden.

Holly is friendly and outgoing and a bon-a-fide people person offering excellent personal customer service. No matter where her she is employing her expertise, she listens and understands ultimately translating the information into their new home. Beyond those qualities she always is professional, honest and easy going.
A born Manhattanite, Carlos Sanchez is thoroughly at home in the City’s greatest borough. His approach to selling real estate is to match the desires of the client with the apartment they deem necessary for their needs. His personal sales philosophy and passion is simple – get the client what they want.

With a military and sales entrepreneur background Carlos is especially well-suited to the task at hand. He is a stand out in the world of real estate with his sharp attentiveness to detail and the sense of urgency that he provides. Whether buying, selling or renting an apartment you can count on Carlos to do the legwork necessary to close the deal for each and every client.
Ever since Nicholas was in high school, he knew that he wanted to work in the exciting and fast paced city of Manhattan. The cities constant energy and uniqueness fascinated and called to him at the same time, and he had to be a part of it. After graduating with a degree in Radio/TV and Media communications, he headed straight to New York to pursue his goal. His first experience was in the entertainment industry, where he remained for over five years working with such prestigious networks as ESPN, NBC, the YES network and Discovery Channel among others in various departments such as casting, production, and talent. One day he answered an online add for a real estate position out of curiosity, and after exploring a short trial period with the company, his passion for the Real Estate industry was born. Nick quickly became one of the lead agents at BEST APARTMENTS INC, where he and his partner lead a successful team for over three years. After feeling that he had learned the industry well enough and with a constant urge to explore new opportunities, Nicholas decided to take a short break from the buisness and embark on a new challenge. Nicholas left the Real Estate industry to venture into fitness as a sales agent for EQUINOX fitness clubs, where he quickly excelled there as a top membership advisor in the company with the 74th street and 2nd location. While he enjoyed that position and loved the fitness lifestyle, he shortly began to feel the itch to return to his true passion, New York City real estate. After almost two successful years with EQUINOX, he left and has returned with COLDWELL BANKER/AC LAWRENCE, one of the top and most respected firms in all of the country and internationally. Nicholas possesses a work ethic, charisma, desire to succeed, and overall dedication to please his clients that has made him a success in all of the industries and ventures that he has explored. Please contact him at any time at 908-420-8415 for first class service while looking for your new home!
With more than a decade of real estate sales and rentals under his belt, Julian Suazo is an old pro when it comes to finding the home of his client’s dreams. He is proud of the fact that customers regularly compliment his abilities with referrals to family and friends and praise his dedication and hard work.

Julian’s strength lies in his ability to go above and beyond what’s required to achieve his client’s goals. By always going the extra mile he makes the most of his experience in the field to provide the kind of service his customer’s have come to expect. One thing’s for sure. Julian prides himself on being the very best AC Lawrence has to offer.

Julian hails from Honduras and currently resides in Queens. He attended New York University and achieved a Certificate in Computer Programming.
Lisa Tisdale has lived on the Upper East Side for twelve years, and does not plan on leaving anytime soon! Originally from South Carolina, she loves that New York City offers so much and seems to be constantly changing. A homeowner herself, Lisa knows the importance of having a home that is all your own, believing that loving your home is very important to a person’s happiness and success.

Personable and hardworking, Lisa will do whatever she can to find the perfect place for her clients. She believes that a good agent is someone who is fun to work with and is committed to seeing a deal through to its completion.

Before immersing herself into the world of real estate, Lisa worked as an independent market research consultant for media, financial service, and technology industries.

When she’s not busy finding her clients their perfect home, Lisa loves to travel the world and explore every corner of New York City.
Tertius has an excellent knowledge of NYC, including landmarks and fun facts about monuments, neighborhoods, and events throughout New York City. Tertius has a strong knowledge of market trends, inventory, rates in various neighborhoods, along with the advantages of each neighborhood. He is an excellent listener and responds well to adversity. He has lived in the city all of his life, and currently resides in Brooklyn, but has also lived in the Bronx and Manhattan. He says he “loves everything about my city: “the good, the bad, and the ugly”.

Tertius believes his strong points are his unique problem solving skills, his ability to ease the tension in a stressful situation and his great people skills.

Before real estate, Tertius started out in sales at the age of sixteen doing telemarketing then moved to Independent Distribution/Warehouse Sales at eighteen. By nineteen he was working in the stock markets. Tertius also held a sales position at Nissan motors where he held Regional Sales Records. He is eager to put his extensive experience to use helping clients find their dream homes.
Leave it to Yassine Elias Iliasse to declare his love of real estate. For as many years as he’s been in the Big Apple he’s been a fan of the industry. Today, his passion is overwhelmingly evident in his work as a real estate salesperson for AC Lawrence. Yassine gives it his all in the search for the one place client’s can really call home.

Yassine focuses his real estate efforts on delivering quality service, integrity and trust time after time. He prides himself on superior attention to detail and a dedicated drive for successful results. Whether it’s the crème de la crème of luxury apartments or classic brownstones, he is always determined to locate a dream home for each and every client.

As a graduate student originally from Morocco, Yassine has perfected his service experience via the hotel industry in Manhattan. With eight years under his belt, he knows just how to cater to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. It’s this expertise that serves him well
A longstanding and well-respected member of the New York real estate community, Jay Siller is known for his hardworking, straight-talking and thorough manner, and dynamic but calm, determined style. He has always prided and concerned himself with getting a fair and equitable deal for all parties involved. Because of that, Jay has a large reservoir of happy and grateful clients, and many repeat clients who continually come to him as their needs change. He also enjoys referral business plus has long-term dealings with numerous domestic and international corporate relocation departments.

Jay has been consulted about the real estate market by many sources over the years and quoted in the Time Out real estate issues. He started in Real Estate over 30 years ago for a firm where he was involved with the Greenwich Village renaissance. Jay then joined another firm before taking a hiatus to work on request for international developers of commercial real estate conversions, commercial rentals, and building acquisitions. He moved on to various other brokerages and ultimately developed strong relationships with Marc Lewis and Michael Simon.

During his tenure, Jay has handled many different types of real estate in a multiplicity of market conditions. He has worked out of offices throughout New York from the Upper East Side to Turtle Bay, Murray Hill, Greenwich Village, Midtown East and Gramercy Park, making him intimately knowledgeable of most of Manhattan. Originally from outside Woodstock, NY, Jay knew from a young age he’d one day head to New York City. After an expatriate experience living in Amsterdam, Holland in the early 70s he moved back to Woodstock for a short while then came to New York City. Jay first worked for a recording studio that specialized in Latin Music and ran a dubbing room for films such as the long-delayed Oscar- winning documentary, "When We Were Kings". He then entered the Fashion industry at an Italian clothing company in the nascent field of designer blue jeans.

Jay has traveled extensively throughout Asia over the last 20 years, and his trekking in the Himalayas has been chronicled in Robert Thurman and Tad Wise' “Circling the Sacred Mountain". He is long-time student of Eastern Philosophy and a great fan of Bob Dylan from the beginning in the early 60s, beat poetry, and the post-bop jazz of Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy. Jay is also a veracious reader and lover of foreign films and serious theatre. He is an avid follower of the teachings of Mohandis Gandhi and Martin Luther King, and has always stood up against injustice and for compassion.
Mary Joy works hard at getting to know her clients so that she can provide them with the best deals on top quality apartments that will work with their budget. Originally from the Philippines, she has lived in the City for 12 years. She has resided in Midtown East, Midtown West, and Greenwich Village. She is an NYC enthusiast, and loves everything about it, especially Central Park and the museums.

Mary Joy has excellent people skills, is a great communicator, and is incredibly passionate about her work and life. She is intuitive, very attentive to her client’s needs, has great energy, and is kind and friendly. Customer service and product knowledge are very important to her, and she prides herself on staying up to date with current inventory and market trends.

As a property owner, she understands the importance of staying up to date with market knowledge and effectively communicating that knowledge to clients. She specializes in the Upper East and West sides, along with Midtown East and West, with prices starting at $2000.

She previously worked in the fashion industry in the Philippines for many years, and also has a decade’s worth of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries. She enjoys tennis and supporting NY sports teams as well as volunteering at UNICEF and A City Harvest. She is a member of the Metropolitan Museum, is a foodie, humanitarian and loves films.
Raquel Ruiz may have gotten her start in sunny California but today it’s the canyons of New York that she calls home. With a decade’s worth of real estate know-how under her belt she’s the first to admit a true love of the business. Her experience is diverse having both managed and owned property while in on the West Coast. Raquel is well-versed in all Manhattan neighborhoods but considers her Downtown expertise in Soho and the Village to be above par.

Raquel is an honest, straight forward agent. With plenty of integrity and dedication, she always places her clients needs above all else. She has a passion for the world of real estate and that passion sets her apart from the rest. In addition to plenty of salesmanship experience, Raquel is well-informed about the industry as a whole. Having served as a listing manager, office manager, leasing manager and trainer for new recruits she really knows the biz inside out.

Raquel is a California native who has resided in the Big Apple for a dozen years now. She is a graduate of Cal State Hayward with a Bachelors Degree in B.A.
Deborah Lewis may be a hands-on leader in the world of finance and banking but it’s her exceptional relationship building skills that really set her apart in the world of real estate. She is extremely open and approachable and completely trustworthy.

Deborah is a proven leader and consummate professional to the core. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Happy clients appreciate her dedication and reward her efforts with repeat business and referrals.

Deborah attended Syracuse University majoring in Finance and Marketing. She was born in Queens, New York, and currently resides in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
For Bridget Foster the world of real estate was a case of love at first sight. Today her romance with real estate continues unabated as an agent for AC Lawrence. And it’s that fascination with the industry that keeps Bridget’s clients coming back for more.

Bridget is a city girl at heart always ready to take New York by storm with her wit, charm and of course, hard work. She handles every situation with respect, knowledge, thoroughness and an eternally upbeat, positive attitude. Clients can count on Bridget to always go above and beyond in pursuit of their perfect home.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Bridget resides there to this day. She is currently attending college in pursuit of her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
Eric Facini always knew just what he wanted to do with his life. He entered the business of real estate at the tender age of 19. Ever since then his ambition has kept him on top of the world renting and selling apartments while working toward his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Today his passion serves him well as a licensed real estate salesperson with Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence.

Eric likes to say he has dedicated his life to New York City real estate. It’s what gets him up in the morning and keeps him up at night. He possesses a strong work ethic, uncanny marketing ability and commitment to quality service. He’s known for a rapid fire response to every client’s needs ensuring the very best apartment find in the quickest period of time.
You might say that for Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence agent Ravin Kaur real estate is always in fashion. With a background that creatively blends fashion with finance she is always on the hunt for the perfect apartment – one that fits a budget and a sense of aesthetics as well.

Her approach to real estate is sincere and honest leaving a host of satisfied customers in her wake. With a long-time love of architecture and real estate, Ravin is consistently in her element. She listens closely, hearing what people say, and delivers results that are sure to please.

Born and raised in Singapore, Ravin currently resides in Forest Hills. She is a graduate of the University of London in collaboration with the London School of Economics
David Rosen’s prior experience as a businessman with several stores in the New York area makes him an invaluable advisor in helping companies identify their real estate needs, and finding the most suitable retail and office space in Manhattan.

A commercial real estate specialist for over six years, David enjoys working with clients of all kinds and interacting with everyone from employees to CEOs. His previous 25 years as the owner of a successful dry cleaning operation fueled his experience in all facets of operating a small business, from production to retail, bookkeeping and customer service, plus honed his eye for real estate value having a plant in Stuyvesant Town as well as stores in several other locations.

David is very thorough in providing clients with prime locations as well as all the necessary information relevant to their requirements. From there, once the ideal site is found, he will negotiate expertly on your behalf to ensure the very best deal. Pleasant, perseverant, honest and professional are all compliments David continually hears from his satisfied clients.

Born in the Bronx, David went to City College where he obtained his Business degree. He has resided in Murray Hill since 1978. In spare time, he enjoys restaurants, the theatre and sports, particularly racquetball and tennis. He is also a longtime student at the Kabbalah Center where he does a great deal of volunteer work, charity and community service.
Jay Rojas has been involved in business management, sales and marketing for over a decade. With a focus on elegant townhouses, cooperative apartments, and condominiums, Mr. Rojas provides each seller with an exceptionally rich level of service and a tailored marketing strategy fulfilling the client's needs. Mr. Rojas' business shows great momentum due to the great deal of referrals of investment buyers and sellers that turn to him for his service in Coldwell Banker.

Jay Rojas has established a genuine reputation with his clients as a creative thinker and a very good listener; able to provide value that extends well beyond his Real Estate expertise. Solving problems proactively with professionalism has made him a valuable asset to his clients and has helped him develop a broad network of expert bankers, designers, architects, and other seasoned professionals. Jay's approach to advising buyers is rooted in his extensive market knowledge and research.

The fast-moving, real-time nature of his previous career in the retail industry, where he held managing positions in which has prepared him to be a top Real Estate professional in New York City. Jay represents both buyers and sellers in top buildings across Manhattan. In addition, he advises on the purchase of investment properties for clients, including the sourcing of qualified rental tenants for these units. Jay closely collaborates with top brokers and developers to create brand identities for extraordinary properties featuring world-class architecture and design.

Jay was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City with his two sisters. He resides with his wife and son in the Bronx and acknowledges that he is a father, husband, brother and a friend before anything. He is a dedicated individual, "thinking different" to unlock the possibilities of New York City.
Marcel Gonzalez brings a thorough knowledge of all properties to his clients. Some of his favorite things about New York City are its high energy level, the architecture and that it is multicultural.

Marcel’s clients will appreciate that he is responsible, reliable and will work hard with his clients to find or sell there homes. He listens to the client’s wants and needs and puts product knowledge first. Prepare a detailed marketing plan, specific to each seller, in order to achieve the highest sales price. Assist buyers preparing every board package with the thoroughness, developing a financial profile suitable to obtaining coop board approval. He is determined to find you a great investment, sales, rental or commercial property.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, German
When it comes to negotiating Shay Uddin’s skills are beyond compare. With a family history in real estate he has been at it for most of his life. Focusing on luxury rentals and sales Shay makes it his business to ferret out high end apartments for clients searching for top quality. A master negotiator by his own account, Shay is wise to the ins and outs of the market and is able to get the best price for the best apartments New York has to offer.

But there’s more to Shay than the business of real estate. He possesses exceptional people skills coupled with an unusually calm demeanor. With characteristics like these clients remain relaxed and at ease through what can be a stressful situation. Add to these traits a personality that’s just plain fun and you can count on Shay to make for a good time all around!

Shay is a native New Yorker. A confirmed New York addict he is most fond of the City’s ever-changing seasons.
With ten years under her belt Itzel Machado knows the world of real estate inside out. Today she practices her expertise at Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence. A big believer in achieving the American Dream, leave it to Itzel to turn every client’s home fantasy into brick and mortar reality.

As a devoted people person Itzel knows precisely what it takes to make the process pleasurable for each and everyone. She is friendly and caring with a knack for really getting to know each client’s needs. She’s proud to provide great service with an approach to real estate that’s proactive and performance-driven.

Her favorite hobby is writing and she boasts seven books published to date. She is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.
When you first meet Samantha “Gracia” Lopez-Edwards, you will notice one thing. She leans toward to listen, really listen. She is a people person who gives you 100% of her attention, time and sincere effort to help you find the property you are looking for in New York City.

It’s not surprising to see this graciousness from her. After all, you don’t become a TV-host/ dancer, TV/film actress and restaurant manager in one of the premier Italian restaurants without some personality. The minute you talk to Samantha or “Gracia”, as she is fondly called sometimes for her generosity of spirit, you know she will take care of you.

Having lived in Murray Hill in New York City for more than a decade, Samantha imbibes the energy and diversity of the city. She guides clients about the lifestyle, educational system and over-all environmental benefit of their choices or preference by location or area.

So whether you feel you want to be closer to the Broadway shows (a personal favorite), the best restaurants (she loves to cook and eat), or the park (Central Park where she and husband spend leisure time with their two wirehaired English fox terriers), she can show you around, too.

Samantha knows how to strike a balance--when she needs to keep her distance and when to guide the client to make the best decision, and even when to really push herself to find you that elusive property you have in mind. She has the heart of a champion. She has won a golf tourney with the Filipino American Golfers Association (FAGA), where she sits as board member. She is also an active member of (EWGA-NY Chapter) Executive Women’s Golf Association.

People will like to know that Samantha also has a high referral rate and great listings of the hottest properties in New York, thanks to the solid relationships she has built through the years in the city and her dedication to the job she has grown to love so much. She is always up for a challenge to make your life easier. She is all about being truthful and honest to her new calling.
One might say that Andrea “Annie” Hall is a truly model agent. This TV commercial actress and model made the transition to the world of real estate and Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence with great ease. Today she is totally in her element making each deal smooth and effortless for clients and customers alike.

Annie strives to make everyone feel comfortable through the entire real estate process. She is a hard worker who always goes the extra mile with everything she does. Clients appreciate the fact that she values honesty above all else. And on a purely personal level Annie is extremely empathetic and compassionate putting herself in her client’s shoes deal after deal.

Annie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences --- Occupational Therapy from James Madison University in Virginia. She’s made her way around the City residing in neighborhoods as diverse as the Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Midtown West.
No matter which language he says it in Tanveer Khan is a dyed in the wool real estate agent. With five languages under his belt he is most at home with English and his native Punjabi. Add to that Hindi, Urdu and Saraiki and you have an agent who does business with an international flair.

Tanveer’s family involvement in real estate served as the catalyst for his joining Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence. As an agent he’s proud to offer his commitment and passion to the search. His honesty and caring continually shine through along with astute listening skills that clear the way for the hunt.

Tanveer was born in Punjab and currently resides on New York’s Long Island. He holds a Master of Laws Degree in U.S. Legal Studies.
Since arriving in New York, I have fallen in love with the city, its culture and its people. I profited from excellent education at CUNY Hunter earning a degree in Human Psychology. I have been blessed to receive world class work experience in sales positions, as well as in “Corporate America” with a prestigious internship program offered by Deutsche Bank. I love to learn new things in high energy places; thus, New York is the only place for me.

I want to welcome you to my adopted home, and I want for you to be Happy! That starts out by finding the perfect living situation for you. Call me, and we can begin the process together immediately.
Whether he’s working for IBM, for himself or in real estate, Paul Bifani is a professional through and through. An expert in New York City real estate matters he takes pride in delivering a level of service his clients at Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence have come to expect. A trusted advisor Paul does his very best for customers and clients alike.

You can count on Paul when it comes to developing -- and equally important – maintaining relationships for those who seek his counsel. Blessed with a strong determination to succeed, a dedicated work ethic and high standards of performance he is one agent that’s worth getting to know. Add to those qualities a heart-felt sincerity and good old-fashioned honesty and you’ve got an agent who, time after time, knows what it takes to find your home sweet home.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA in Business Administration from New York University. He was born and raised just over the river in New Jersey. He currently resides on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
Leave it to Geri Means to never run around an issue. This bonafide health advocate does her jogging on her own time. When it comes to real estate she’s direct and to the point with extensive product know-how and a keen ear for listening to the needs of clients. She knows just how to blend New York professionalism with Southern charm. As a testament to these qualities just watch Geri’s clients come back for more again and again.

Geri possesses a strong set of values. She is honest to a tee, believes in great customer service and knows just how to communicate with every client to make each result successful time aftertime. When it comes to catering to each client’s needs, Geri counts on her strong Southern roots for a welcoming experience. She is sincere and takes a genuine interest in her clients wants and desires.

Today Geri resides in Harlem where she appreciates it diversity, history and culture. She was born and raised in Union Springs, Alabama and is Southern through and through. She is a graduate of Alabama State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science.
No one knows better the inner workings of a New York City apartment building than the man who mans the door. Former doorman/concierge Emerson Alvarado is a born and bred New Yorker whose take on Manhattan dwellings takes it from the inside out. Today he puts his excellent knowledge and understanding to good use as a real estate agent for AC Lawrence.

With Emerson at the helm customers can go above and beyond the obvious to learn the nitty gritty as well. Couple that quality with an outrageous sense of humor and you can count on him to entertain and educate all at once. He is bi-lingual, speaking both Spanish and English, and will readily admit an all-out passion for sports cars.
David’s easy going attitude and willingness to go the extra mile make him a favorite among clients, and his passion for real state is immediately apparent. Born in Puerto Rico, David moved to New York at the age of 2, and his immense knowledge of New York is appreciated by all of his clients. David cites his laid back nature, ability to listen, and genuine concern for his clients as qualities he believes to be important in a real estate professional. He prides himself on listening and addressing any concerns in order to find a home his clients will be happy with for years to come. He is versatile, hard working, and has a great knowledge of the ever-changing market trends.

Before beginning his adventure in real estate, David worked in banking, where he enjoyed working with many different people of all backgrounds. Currently a resident of Sunset Park in Brooklyn, David loves the diversity found throughout the city, and loves that he can essentially “travel the world” without ever leaving the city.

David holds a BBA from Iona, where he was an active member of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity. In his spare time he enjoys poker, salsa, and exploring the city.
There's only one thing AC Lawrence Real Estate agent Elisha Rosado likes better than showing apartments and that's wooing the crowds with her Sporty Novice ways! Leave it to this novice sportsanista to spend evenings exercising, entertaining and days searching for the best apartments Manhattan has to offer. On the real estate front Elisha takes pride in providing clients with loyalty, respect and her undivided attention to their needs.

Efficient, reliable, patient and understanding, four steadfast characteristics that firmly describe Elisha. She makes it a point to take her time with clients and not to rush the process. It always comes down to finding the picture-perfect apartment for each and everyone. She knows the real estate market inside out and shares her vast knowledge of Manhattan apartments time and time again.

Elisha believes in staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. Her family hails from Puerto Rico and she is a born and raised New Yorker. She attended Mercy College where she majored in Computer Information Systems.
Faye Samim understands the importance of having a place one can be proud to call a home. She has lived in and around some of the most beautiful real estate in and out of the United States and, after starting her own family, found that the greatest moment for her was when they found their own home. That’s why, for her, real estate is more than just numbers on paper; it’s about people, no matter who it is, and family, no matter how big or small.

Faye originally hails from Dubai, one of the most beautiful emirates within the UAE, where magnificent real estate is a given. After having moved to the US in 2006, she lived in New York City and loved being surrounded by the concrete beauty before moving to the suburbs.

After earning her Bachelors degree from Excelsior College, she went on to earning two Certificates from Fashion Institute of Technology and New York University, respectively. Having worked in the financial world in Dubai for over 5 years and the fashion industry in the US for 3 years, Faye has accumulated various experiences in working with diverse clients, which promises excellent outcomes for her real estate clients.
You might say that multi-tasking is in his blood. As a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence and a Rutgers student in hot pursuit of his degree in finance, Jonathan Colón’s ambition says it all. Young, energetic and easy going, you can count on him to do whatever it takes to find the home of your dreams.

Jonathan is personable and genuinely loves working with people. His commitment to excellence and strong communication skills make him a standout in the world of real estate. He is diligent and determined to get the job done all the while dedicated to success in achieving each client’s goals.

Jonathan is currently working toward his Bachelor’s Degree at Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ. While New Jersey is where he hangs his hat, New York City is where his heart is. He has plans in place to make the move across the Hudson to the Big Apple anytime now.
The words friendly and personable just begin to describe AC Lawrence agent Matthew Jamele. Matthew prides himself on being a people person who puts clients at ease right from the start. Whether they’re looking in the Financial District or on the Upper West Side, apartment hunting with Matthew is always an adventure. Armed with plenty of knowledge and a people-pleasing manner, Matthew is a real estate pro who knows how to get the job done – and has fun doing it!

Former clients routinely testify to Matthew’s excellent work ethic. He’s always willing to go the extra mile to find just the right apartment for each and every person. Self-described as a very hard worker Matthew doesn’t stop until the job is done. Leave it to his satisfied clients to praise his knack for finding precisely what they are searching for. His MO? Always meeting the client’s needs.

Previously employed in property management, Matthew’s real estate know-how suits him to a tee. He has called New York home for the past two years. Currently residing in the Lincoln Center area this is one agent who covets Manhattan’s fast pace and prolific greenery of its beautiful parks.Favorite past times feature sports and food. He is originally from New Haven, Connecticut, and in his limited free time studies Political Science at Pace University.
With Real Estate Professional Donna-Beth James at the helm, everyone’s flying high. Leave it to this former airline professional to turn an everyday apartment search into a real life adventure. Always on the prowl for something unique and different she knows precisely what it takes to turn a client’s dreams into reality. She understands the value of customer service and bends over backwards to make sure client satisfaction is the order of the day.

Donna-Beth is a superb listener, doesn’t miss even the smallest detail and is at ease with each and every customer. She knows that what matters most is the relationship between agent and client and she takes the time to nurture them all. She is a hard worker, honest to a fault and is always willing to go that extra mile. You can rely on Donna-Beth to leave no stone unturned in the hunt for the perfect home.
There’s no doubt about it. Bryan Scarpone is a self-described people person. And it’s this trait that makes him such a stellar rental agent. In addition to his people strengths, Bryan brings to the real estate table an enviable mix of honesty, courtesy and listening skills.Specializing in Upper East Side one bedrooms, Bryan is clearly devoted to helping people make their Manhattan dream apartment a reality.

Leave it to Bryan to ensure that his philanthropic endeavors rival his love of real estate. As a dedicated animal and people lover, Bryan routinely splits his free time with good works for New York’s two-legged and four-legged friends. From volunteering his time at a local homeless shelter to doing what he can to improve the lives of New York’s canines he is committed to giving back.

With roots that date back to Boston, MA, Bryan later attended college at Catholic University in Washington, DC majoring in theater and social work. Prior to entering the world of real estate he had a successful career in retail where he honed his people and sales skills. When asked to name a few of his favorite things about the Big Apple, Bryan is quick to point to the MET, architecture and a never ending opportunity to partake in free entertainment!
Leave it to real estate agent Ken Schiff to unlock the doors to the City’s deepest secrets. As a native New Yorker, Ken knows just where to find its many nooks and crannies, historic homes and magical neighborhood s. With an emphasis on Downtown, Ken is certainly most at ease with Manhattan’s secrets below 34th Street. Come along for the ride and become privy tothe City’s little known facts and fantasies.

Ken believes whole-heartedly in an agent’s ability to listen, and really hear, a client’s wants and desires. He takes pride in being diligent, hard-working, friendly and respectful. His real estate expertise is well rounded. In addition to being a broker for more than two decades Ken is a landlord and owns several commercial buildings. Today he is exceptually well-versed in the art and science of Manhattan real estate.

Born and bred in the Big Apple, Ken chose a change of venue at 20 when he moved across the pond to London. After a decade spent as a photojournalist in Europe he returned here and entered the world of real estate. He attended both the School of Visual Arts and Queensboro College.
Helena provides her clients with the best possible experience and is always ready to go the extra mile. By making their needs her top priority, the client is assured that everything will run smoothly from start to close. Originally from Croatia, Helena has lived in the city for 7 years, currently residing in Astoria. She loves that New York City is a cosmopolitan city with endless opportunities.

Helena prides herself on being a self-motivator and a great multi-tasker that provides honest and dedicated service. Although she thinks that being a real estate agent is hard work, she also thinks that as long as you are dedicated and have a plan, you will be successful.

Before real estate, Helena studied business at the University of Split in Croatia and took classes at the New York School of Interior Design. She also worked with management at a fine dining restaurant in the Financial District. Working with high-end clientele in this area, made her an expert on the happenings in the neighborhood. This knowledge effortlessly transferred over into her real estate career.

When Helena is not absorbed in the real estate world, she enjoys the creative pursuits of interior design and drawing. She also likes to stay healthy by running, swimming, and playing tennis.
Richard Beda really gets around. Whether on two wheels as an avid cyclist or on two feet as a real estate rental agent. Either way, he makes sure he accomplishes what he sets out to do. Previously employed in both a restaurant and athletic facility, Richard segued into real estate to stay on the move and avoid a sedentary desk job. And as a native New Yorker, Richard loves the City and really knows the many ins and outs of its diverse neighborhoods.

Richard prides himself on being a truly nice and caring person, traits that shine through in his real estate work on a daily basis. He is honest and understanding and puts his heart and soul into everything he does. He works extra hard to make a perfect match between apartment and client fulfilling their needs within their budget. Richard specializes in the entire City. He is more than happy to take clients from one end of New York to the other in the hunt for the perfect home.

Richard has resided in Brooklyn all his life. He is a devoted fan of music dating from the 1960s to the present. When not listening to music he can be found riding his bicycle throughout the five boroughs and New York suburbs.
It’s all in the family for AC Lawrence rental agent Hong Yang. Coming from a real estate family in China, she has the passion it takes to do business in the Big Apple. Add to that a finance background and analyst stint and she boasts a strong analytical ability coupled with excellent customer service skills. Hong takes pride in her expertise with numbers, making sure she always finds the best apartment at the most affordable price – all the while her service skills keep customers coming back for more.

When it comes to doing business with Hong the compliments just don’t quit: Energetic, outgoing, easy to talk to and equally easy to get along with. Her perseverance is staggering with an MO that never considers the job finished until that dream home is signed and sealed. She specializes in the Midtown West and Chelsea neighborhoods with a particular emphasis on new architecture that features a plethora of amenities.

Hong hails from Beijing, China. Nowadays she resides in Hell’s Kitchen where she enjoys the diversity of people and cuisines. Hong attended Fairleigh Dickinson University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and a Minor in Art. She serves as an active volunteer for New York Cares, believing strongly in service and giving back.
Not everyone can boast they’ve sold everything from t-shirts to helicopters, but Tony Branin’s sales expertise is beyond compare. Today he utilizes that ability at AC Lawrence to seek out and find the perfect apartments for his clients. Besides strong sales and negotiating skills Tony prides himself on being hard working and dedicated to his craft.

Prior to entering the field of real estate Tony was self-employed in a variety of industries. Today he relies on that ability to get things done for his clients at AC Lawrence. He is passionate about being successful and sets, and then meets, high goals for himself. In the world of real estate that means the ideal apartment for each and every client.

Tony was born in Belarius and speaks Russian as well as English. He attended State Economic University where he majored in Management. You can forget about the usual hobbies. For Tony his one and only hobby is hard work!
Nekia is a full service licensed RE agent who provides meticulous service. Thorough searches, seamless transactions and strong negotiation skills are what you can expect to facilitate your decision making. She is very knowledgeable, keeping up with to-the-minute market data.

Nekia went to Lehman College and proudly holds a degree in Theatre Arts. For years, Nekia worked as Head Maitre’ D at a socially elite Member’s Only club. She relates her superior quality of service offered to that prior experience. “It’s that type of training that’s instantly noticeable when I work with someone, and I’m frequently praised.”

Real Estate runs in the family. Nekia’s has a West Indian background whose parents hail from both Trinidad and Tobago. Settling in NY, Nekia was born and raised in Brooklyn and is a proclaimed NY’er for life. “What keeps me in my city is its dynamic culture, fast pace, and endless nightlife!”

Nekia is a not only professional dancer; she has a non-profit dance company which hosts performances. She also volunteers her time as a workshop choreographer and production manager for a community dance school in Brooklyn.

Nekia is an excellent listener and has strong work ethics. This translates to solid, lasting, reciprocal relationships with clients. She is committed, giving 110% to her clients from initial contact to landing their new home and beyond.
Angela provides her clients with great customer service, a “can-do” attitude, and a desire to exceed their expectations. A New York native, her knowledge of the city is a great advantage, and her love of New York is apparent from the get-go. Angela currently resides in Jamaica, Queens. Her favorite things about the city are the variety of restaurants and entertainment, as well as the culture.

Angela believes her strong points are her interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and customer service. She strives to provide the best service for the client and is trustworthy and dependable. Clients appreciate her “can-do” attitude, knowledge of New York, and eagerness to go above and beyond to ensure the best for each and every client.

Angela’s professional background includes sales, marketing, and customer service. She chose real estate because she finds the NY real estate market very exciting and interesting. Her sales and customer service skills are a perfect match for real estate, and she is excited to put her training to use finding clients find the perfect homes.

Angela graduated from Spelman College with a B.A. in Political Science. In her spare time, she volunteers with a local shelter in my community and loves the visual arts.
Carla C. de Schneider has always had a passion for business and the arts. Finding a synergy of these two passions has always been a career aspiration. To achieve this goal, Carla started her own pet clothing/accessory line last year. In addition, this AC Lawrence real estate agent is a licensed hair stylist whose creativity takes the form of chic cuts on New York’s best coiffed heads. Blessed with superlative people skills Carla knows just how to leverage in-depth product knowledge with dedicated discipline and drive in search of the perfect apartment.

Carla is responsible, trustworthy, hard working and takes pleasure in helping others. Furthermore she is extremely patient in dealing with clients and knows how to provide great customer service from first meeting to lease signing. She always makes it a point to be knowledgeable about apartments on the market facilitating time spent finding the right one. And she takes her relationships with clients very seriously, not just for this apartment, but for all their future real estate endeavors as well.

Carla was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She attended college in Germany studying Economic Language Correspondence and holds a New York State cosmetology license. She is multi-lingual and fluent in Spanish, English, German and Italian.
Shiri (rhymes with “cheery”) Herbet understands that finding an apartment is one of the most challenging aspects of living in New York. In addition to her expert knowledge of all the city has to offer, Shiri’s clients value how she infuses the process with humor and lightheartedness, bringing a sense of calm, efficiency and even fun to what could otherwise be a very stressful time. Shiri loves getting to know what makes her clients tick, and finding the perfect place for each of them to call home. Her passion for the Big Apple began as a teenager when she would visit from her native Israel. She’s delighted to call the Upper West Side home, and could draw each crack in the sidewalk there from memory, having made it her business to become an expert on the unique charm of her hood. Most apartment-hunters know, it’s not always possible to dedicate only the day-time hours to searching for your new home. For those clients who often burn midnight oil, Shiri can be especially helpful, since she is a night owl who prides herself on her quick response times even after hours. Personality-wise, Shiri is best known as an adventurer. She has visited 35 countries, and loves sharing travel tales with like-minded friends and clients. She spends her free time taking advantage of the unique offerings of the best city in the world, enjoying everything from the great food and beautiful parks to the latest Broadway show, art house movie theater or music venue. Shiri is fluent in Hebrew and English
If you had to name one thing that really defines Kathy Romero it’s simply got to be her positive, can-do attitude. A go-getter to the core she never, ever lets the grass grow under her feet. In the world of real estate at Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence she always finds herself rising to the occasion. And faced with one challenge after another you can count on her to never give up.

Kathy is a professional through and through. She is driven to get the job done to each client’s satisfaction. Honest and charming she consistently offers an excellent buying or renting experience. Detail-minded to the max, Kathy never skips a beat when it comes to researching apartment listings and finding the home of your dreams.

Kathy got her start in Sunnyside, Queens and continues to live there to this day.
There’s no question that Larry Kleinstein’s motto is “the show must go on.” Formerly in the theater business, Larry spent a good number of years backstage on Broadway dressing actors. Prior to his stint in the entertainment world, he made a success for himself in the fashion industrysuccessfully selling T-shirts. Nowadays, Larry’s creativity and determination serve him well as a real estate agent at AC Lawrence. As an agent he utilizes much of what he learned in the past especially his desire to meet and exceed a client’s expectations.

Larry is well-suited to the world of real estate. He is personable and people-oriented, easy to get along with and, perhaps most importantly, loves and knows New York City inside out. When it comes to the neighborhoods he specializes in you can find him showing apartments from Midtown West to Hell’s Kitchen and the Upper West Side. He is patient, determined and hardworking with a comfort level that is apparent with everyone from college students to CEO’s.

This New Yorker professes many hobbies and interests. Foremost among them is a love of music from pop to classical, working out and yoga. But perhaps nothing puts a smile on his face as much as his love of animals. Currently the owner of a cat that he rescued from the streets, Larry takes great pleasure in transforming his poor little kitten into a lovingly, spoiled feline!
If Thalia Mancheno's clients are happy so is she. This AC Lawrence Real Estate Agent always goes the extra mile when it comes o finding the perfect home. She is well-versed in the art of customer service and makes it her business to consistently find just the right fit. She possesses strong listening skills and believes they are the key to a successful marriage of client and home. She also works hard to successfully resolve complicated situations to everyone's satisfaction.

When it comes to compliments she has received from clients, Thalia has heard them all. "I loved working with you,""I trust you" and "thank God I found you" top the list. She is sharply focused and extremely attentive making sure she gets to the heart of the real estate matter each and every time. She specializes in high end apartments and knows just what it takes to make the very best deal.

Thalia is a native New Yorker who holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psyschology as well as a medical assistant's degree. She is bi-lingual and speaks Spanish as a second language.
A life long New Yorker, Margot has lived on the Upper East Side for the past 25 years and has grown to love and appreciate all that the City offers. Specifically, she loves the restaurants, the Met, Central Park, the wonderful markets and the ease of access to everything.

Margot is readily available to help her clients in finding the perfect apartment. She perseveres until she meets her client’s needs and exceeds their expectations. Margot has a unique sense of vision which allows her to help her clients see the full potential in a property.

Aside from her real estate business, Margot owns a company for the past 17 years that provides promotional products to corporations, schools and non profits. Initially a professional negotiator in radio and television from the buying and sales perspective, she is used to working with budgets and time frames. Margot chose real estate because she is a self proclaimed real estate junkie and loves helping people get settled in their new homes.

When not searching for the perfect apartment for her clients, Margot volunteers at the M.S. Society, NY Cares, Habitat for Humanity, Ft. Tryon nursing home, and The Dalton School where her 3 children attend. She is also a disability and animal rights advocate. In her free time Margot enjoys traveling, playing tennis, and photography.
Mary Ann D. Brairton’s real estate roots has international perspective. Prior to migrating to the U.S., she spent several years selling real estate in Manila, Philippines. During that time she learned the art of salesmanship with an impressive coterie of referrals and repeat buyers to her credit. She is self motivated, results oriented and has positive outlook in life.

A native of the Philippines, Mary Ann holds a BSBA Accounting Degree in Lyceum of the Philippines University –Manila. Blessed with an adventurous spirit, she also boasts a keen sense of humor who always look forward to a “great smile and a good laugh” in any given day.
Armed with a vast knowledge of Manhattan’s most interesting neighborhoods, Gerald Magpily has spent his entire life getting to know them. With a special affinity for Harlem and Morningside Heights he is a stalwart proponent of everything the Big Apple has to offer. He is dedicated to finding his customers the apartment of their dreams and spares no effort in matching their desires with reality.

Formerly an investor in thereal estateindustry, Gerald seamlessly made the transition to real estate agent.As part and parcel of his investor days, he had to be a clear communicator and instinctively know which questions to ask. Today he prides himself on pulling out all the stops to ensure that each and every customer benefits from those skills.

Gerald currently owns two investment condos in New Jersey. He is well-acquainted with what it takes to be a landlord since both units serve as rental income. He is a New York University graduate who holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. An avid New York sports fan, Gerald spends his free time following the Mets, Knicks and Jets to victory.
David Berman is a born and bred New Yorker with a passion for classical guitar and meeting new people. There’s no doubt about it when it comes to customer service David is tops in his class. His high energy, yet laid back, style combined with a truly wicked sense of humor keeps clients coming back for more time after time.

You can count on David to bring enthusiasm to the real estate process, a relentless work ethic and plenty of integrity. With previous professions that entailed work out of doors, he is thoroughly at home showing apartments throughout the canyons of Manhattan. He listens ever-so-carefully to his client’s needs and happily offers his expertise and knowledge on rental apartments on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown and Chelsea.

David attended the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore where he received his degree in classical guitar performance. His hobbies include the pure physicality of rock climbing and sheer serenity of yoga.
Brian P. Hourigan is an integral member of the A.C. Lawrence team and has been practicing real estate for over 4 years, in which time he's developed a keen perspective on the unique dynamic that factors such as building type, neighborhood, amenities, value, and market trends play in choosing a new home. He also understands that there are as many diverse reasons for wanting to buy or rent property here as there are opportunities in our great city, and is passionate about using his extensive knowledge of the complicated, highly-competitive New York City real estate landscape to locate and secure the ideal home for his clients.

His commitment goes beyond the closing, though, as he often serves as a liaison and adviser to his clients while they settle into their new community, ensuring a smooth transition for them in all aspects even long after his official duties have ended. Indeed, many of Brian's clients have become friends and rely exclusively on him when they're ready to move again, which is a testament to his professionalism, passion for client advocacy, attention to detail, and helpful, friendly nature.

Brian attended New York University, where he double-majored in History and Politics. In his spare time, he enjoys taking advantage of the vast cultural outlets that NYC has to offer, and loves running and cycling in Central Park. While each neighborhood is exciting and unique, Brian has a special fondness for Greenwich Village, which he calls home.
You can count on rental agent Judy Forbin for a healthy dose of Manhattan real estate. This former healthcare professional brings with her to AC Lawrence a slew of qualities that make her a standout in the field. She makes it her business to research and share with client’s expert information on the New York City rental market and boasts an up-to-date knowledge of inventory on the Upper East Side, Flatiron, Gramercy and Murray Hill neighborhoods.

With client compliments that run the gamut from friendly to dedicated and ever-so-easy to get along with, Judy knows what it takes to be a successful real estate pro. She is adept at building rapport and trust and when it comes to possessing excellent interpersonal skills she is in her element. Self-motivated in the extreme, you know that you can trust Judy to track down the apartment of your dreams.

Judy is originally from New York where she attended Stony Brook University and NYU. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Biology as well as a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration and Policy. And when she’s not renting apartments chances are you can find her in the kitchen baking up a storm in her small but thriving cupcake business.
There are many real estate agents, but people generally choose to work with the one they feel is most knowledgeable, attentive and personable. Ivy Lee is a winner among her clients because she not only provides thorough guidance and top-notch service; she also delivers highly effective results with radiant enthusiasm! Ivy was a platinum award winner at her previous company for her outstanding achievements.

Though Ivy has held various positions, she has always been intrigued with real estate. She previously worked in the film industry as a scriptwriter in Asia, and held several sales, marketing and customer service positions in Los Angeles. Ivy holds a BA degree in Film & Photography from Columbia College Chicago and an MBA in Marketing & E-Commerce from Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Since coming to New York, she is fascinated by the architecture and buildings, she especially loves to be out and about, and looking at homes – so much so she made it her full-time career.

Ivy’s goal from the first meeting with her clients is to become their broker for life. Relationships she feels are of utmost importance in this business, as is being thorough and transparent in the information you provide. She builds relationships based on honesty, integrity, and respect.

Highly intuitive when it comes to matching people with spaces, Ivy believes in the Eastern Feng Shui philosophy that our environment affects our lives. “A perfectly balanced home will bring you joy and prosperity.” Ivy is also interested in higher learning, health and fitness, people and psychology, and facilitating a meeting of the minds in both personal and professional interactions.
Karen Smith is a determined, intelligent and trustworthy real estate agent who believes that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. She knows finding the right home can be challenging and sometimes emotional process. She is able to carefully listen and understands what each customer wants and succeeds in matching her customers with what they are looking for based on her clients' finances and their personal preferences.

Finding a home that her customers both love and can afford is a personal goal of Karen. She achieves this goal while having a positive, upbeat attitude towards selling. She focuses on getting her buyers and sellers the right homes and is tireless in her efforts to ensure a smooth and timely process.

Prior to working in real estate, Karen was in the education field as an administrator working mainly as an advocate for children with special needs to get them the services they required. Through this field, she developed excellent skills in negotiation, enhanced her communication abilities and honed her problem-solving expertise.

Karen studied business administration and public administration at Baruch College in New York, NY as well as school building leadership at St. Johns University in Queens, NY. She has a Masters degree in Public Administration as well as one in Education. Among her many activities, she enjoys tending to her many pet fish, exploring the various array of parks in New York City and spending time with family and friends.
David Cooper believes it’s not about the sale you are making; it’s about the customer relationship you are building – a relationship built on honesty and trust. David’s real estate career was preceded by many years as a business owner and entrepreneur. His endeavors in business sales and management, and consumer retail sales have made him an expert in every aspect of customer relations and service – which is the core of his success as a real estate professional.

A native New Yorker, David completed his education in city schools and colleges, culminating with a Masters of Business Administration with honors. Having lived and raised a family in Manhattan, he has developed a true appreciation for city life. David understands the challenges of the search, and is committed to finding you a residence that satisfies your individual needs, fits your budget and suits your lifestyle.

Though he mostly finds himself immersed in work, David does find time to work out, enjoy photography, ski, and ride his motorcycle through the streets of New York City. Contact David today and let him help you find the home that’s right for you.
Eva Adam has always loved helping people. It’s a natural calling, which is why she decided to put her energy to the best use of all – helping people find a home. Careful listening, plentiful patience and attentive service are what Eva offers throughout the often stressful real estate process, making clients confident that their outcome will be successful.

She’s been an Upper East Side resident for 2 decades and have a great knowledge of the city and buildings. She studied business at Baruch college. Eva enjoys working all over the city with clients seeking the home that suits them best. She will stick with you every step of the way in the search no matter how many showings it takes, all the while reading your needs and guiding you with her knowledge to ensure the very best match possible.

Prior to entering real estate, Eva honed her interpersonal and managerial skills in finance working for an established financial consulting firm. Her own understanding of the moving process and desire to make it easier for others is what inspired her to work as a Real Estate Agent.

With Eva, honesty and integrity are a given in her work. You can rest assured that she will protect your best interests and follow through to the end. When not busy with her clients, Eva just as much loves exploring the city in her own personal time.
Sharline Andeliz takes pride in doing everything well. This self-described “perfectionist” professes a true love for the business of real estate coupled with a dedication to her client’s dreams. Genuine and hard working, each day at AC Lawrence offers her yet another chance to turn her passion for apartment hunting into a home sweet home reality.

Sharline’s strong suit is her ability to work with all kinds of people. With a background in banking and human resources she is readily adept at providing exceptional customer service. She truly cares for her clients and makes it her business to fulfill their every want and need. Blessed with uncanny determination, Sharline knows just how to make her customer’s dreams come true.

Sharline originally hails from the Dominican Republic and was raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Today she lives in Williamsburg.
Count on native New Yorker Angelica Boen to make each and every real estate experience top-drawer. With an approach that creatively blends a passion for the Big Apple, with an equal dose of passion for the world of real estate; she is especially well-suited to the task at hand.

With a background in advertising, Angelica’s customer service skills were routinely put to the test. Today she makes the most of those abilities with renters and buyers alike. Committed to every client’s needs Angelica also offers up in-depth market knowledge that ensures a thorough search for every client’s dream home.
The move into real estate was a natural one for Stephanie Papadopoulos. From her involvement in the family construction firm to studying architecture at City College she knows the world of real estate inside out.

Stephanie’s motivation at Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence is, simply put, helping people. She always tries her best to be a good listener ensuring positive results for clients and customers alike. Add to that her uncanny ability to build trust and this is one agent worth knowing.
When it comes to the topic of interior design, most renters have to wait until they’ve moved in to decorate. But for the lucky few working with rental agent Dany Moyal, interior design tips are the order of the day. With a degree in interior design and an unerring flair for utilizing space this is one agent who offers customers a real estate bonus!

Prior to making the move to real estate, Dany ran a successful olive oil import business from Morocco. Her appreciation for architecture and design led her down the real estate path early on. Well-known for her strong work ethic and trustworthy nature, Dany is the embodiment of an outgoing personality and dry wit. With an honest and straightforward approach, she is consistently committed to finding the ideal apartment for each and every client’s needs.

Dany boasts an exotic history. Born in Morocco and raised in France, she has an international perspective on the world. Her multi-cultural persona serves her well when working with customers around the globe. As a 25-year Upper East Side resident, Dany specializes in the neighborhood’s prolific rental buildings and is well-versed in the area’s schools, parks and various institutions.
After twelve years as a top producer in the Real Estate industry, in rentals and sales in two of New York's largest firms, A.C. Lawrence was delighted that Cheryl Greenberg agreed to bring her illustrious skills as a real estate agent to their firm, and she has consistently been the top producing associate broker here ever since.

Progressing into a Career in Real Estate was quite natural for Cheryl after renovating 3 of her own homes. Cheryl brings with her a great deal of business acumen, after serving as Corporate Secretary/Treasurer of an international Engineering Company for many years. She is a financials person, a great negotiator and a board package perfectionist. Her creative talent is also a wonderful attribute, as she can stand in apartments and determine whether they need to be redesigned, and if so, what should be done. She sold three apartments in her own line at 10 Park Avenue, 2 "sight unseen" by showing her own apartment. She is "hands on" and will oversee the sale from start to finish.

Starting the next chapter in her real estate career, Cheryl has created her own real estate team, Team Greenberg. Creativity, Professionalism, Integrity, Consistency, and Knowledge are the driving forces behind her team. Team Greenberg is the KEY to your next move.
Leave it to Jeremy Monosson to provide plenty of hard work and dedication in his quest for the perfect home. As an AC Lawrence rental agent he utilizes exceptional communication and listening skills which consistently result in the apartment of his client’s dreams. Jeremy is a bonafide people person whose friendly demeanor makes him a natural in the world of real estate.

Jeremy perfected his substantial people skills with a solid background in the hospitality industry. Today, those skills come in handy with comments from clients like “he is a pleasure to work with.” It’s fitting that Jeremy spends his days traipsing the streets of New York. After all, it’s the sheer excitement of the greatest city in the world that keeps him on the prowl for the best apartments money can rent.

Originally from Syosset, New York, Jeremy was a business major at the University of Hartford.
From her days as a wall streeter to her current post as an Associate Broker Pauline Mistretta is nothing if not well-rounded. Today she expends her formidable energy at Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence where she makes the most of her people-pleasing persona to hunt down the perfect home for renters and buyers alike.

Pauline is the consummate professional and a real pleasure to work with. Clients proclaim that she is super friendly and extremely personable. Count on her tireless work ethic to never give up and keep customers more than satisfied. Throughout her successful career, Pauline has continually worked in a customer service capacity. It is this role that suits her to a tee in real estate.

Pauline attended Queens College, CUNY and Hofstra Law School. She holds a BA in Political Science, Psychology and Philosophy as well as a Doctor of Jurisprudence or JD. She is a born and bred New Yorker who specializes in the Upper East Side, Midtown and the Financial District.
Asantewa Patterson sees things through an Optometrist’s eyes. As a candidate for Doctor of Optometry she makes it a point to visualize each client’s dream home from first sight to lease signing. Count on her for an approach to real estate that blends information and efficiency with enjoyment. Her goal is to make everyone feel like a winner.

Asantewa’s interpersonal skills are top-notch. She boasts the ability to easily connect with people and, in the process, makes one and all feel comfortable. If you need to describe her you would have to say Asantewa is cheerful and pleasant. Customers routinely appreciate her warm and welcoming manner.

Asantewa was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She currently resides in Prospect Heights. She is a proud graduate of Brooklyn Tech and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Optometric Science as well as a Master’s Degree in Biology.
Perhaps there’s nothing marathoner and triathlete Sean Devine likes better than a strenuous workout. Nothing, that is, except pounding the Manhattan pavement in search of the perfect apartment. This former attorney is totally at home in his chosen world. Whether it’s practicing law or doing a deal, Sean is in his element. Regardless of the profession he’s chosen, one thing’s for sure, he really likes a challenge!

A confirmed people person, Sean boasts a thorough knowledge of the market and of the Big Apple’s greatest neighborhoods. What else makes Sean such a good agent? First and foremost his listening skills. He pays close attention to what his clients tell him and makes it a point to understand their every want and need. He possesses a strong work ethic, personable demeanor, and enjoys the “hunt” almost as much as his client’s do.

Sean is originally from Staten Island and later resided in Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, and the Upper East Side. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Villanova University and attended Brooklyn Law School for his Juris Doctorate Degree.
Desiree was a practicing licensed optician for many years. Her parent’s passion for Real Estate paired with her love for her native New York led Desiree to embark her 17 year long career path – Real Estate.

For over 8 years Desiree supervised leasing offices for long-established NY real estate families. This included a portfolio of over 550 units in a management/rental capacity, housing thousands of tenants over that time. Responsibilities entailed property mgmt. for foreign investors, privately owners and sponsor units. She procured tenants and oversaw both short-term and long-term furnished, unfurnished and corporate condominium units, she also oversaw maintenance of physical aspects of the properties.

Needing to learn more, Desiree moved onto sales. Working for The Sunshine Group and Corcoran Sunshine Marketing as a Senior Sales Associate, Desiree opened and sold new development Condominium buildings, having sold over $127 million dollars in 6 years. With 17+ years of knowledge and expertise in both leasing and sales and personal experience with ownership both locally, nationally and internationally, Desiree understands residential Real Estate.

She has comprehensive firsthand experience with rentals, purchases and investments. She loves working with the first time home buyer and the international investor. Professional, organized and decisive your will find your experience to be smooth, informative and successful.

Hobbies : Animal Rescuer and rights advocate, travel, yoga, horseback riding, sea kayaking, dining,reading, music and dance
As a recent transplant from the South, Chris Joffrion is totally enamored of the Big Apple. This former college professor has studied the ins and outs of New York real estate and has become a tried and true aficionado of the rental market. He is extremely personable, very easy to talk to and makes sure clients feel comfortable and at ease in his presence.

Chris considers himself to be more of a real estate coach than a salesperson, working closely with clients to find the home of their dreams. He has a keen ear and really listens when his clients speak. He values integrity above all else and they appreciate that fact. Chris genuinely puts client’s interests above all else and the results pay off with most returning time after time.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Chris received his BA in Communication Studies from Louisiana College and his Masters in Communication Studies from Texas Tech. Despite his southern roots Chris is totally at home in New York and enjoys all the City has to offer.